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she made me feel so comfortable and helped me so much

100% recommend Becky, she made me feel so comfortable and helped me so much. I’ve tried many different methods to help me but none of them have helped me like Becky did!

Hannah Shrubb

gifts are truly remarkable

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing becky for a few years now. I went to see her last year as I felt lost in my life and was confused about what I’m meant to be doing .. an hour and a half with becky and everything just seemed to fall into place things great things are happening just as she said all to a T and I’m now on the right path.
I’m so pleased to have such a warm hearted beautiful soul in touch with my loved ones over the other side..
which I’m also now in contact with too xx
Thanku so much becky you and your gifts are truly remarkable xx I always refer you to anyone who I think needs some guidance and they have all come away with such positively xx
Will be back soon xxx

Dev Nursing

very patient and welcoming

Becky was absolutely incredible, not only was she very patient and welcoming but she was also able to remove some pain that I’ve had for many years.

Can’t recommend Becky highly enough.

Mike Tucker

about time I done something about my fear

I cannot thank Becky enough, I have lived for years with a phobia about spiders. This is a phobia hundreds and thousands of people suffer with. I could not open window in my house or even look at them on the TV. I heard of Becky’s hypnosis treatment and thought that it was about time I done something about my fear. To say I was totally amazed by the results is an understatement. Since having hypnosis I have played with a spider and often now deal with them when I come across them. I do not run away and I don’t scream or panic anymore. I’m still not a big fan of them and don’t think I every will be, but Becky has taught me how to deal with a spider. Thank you Becky for your amazing talents. X

Paul Vinnicombe

Thank you for all the hours you put into helping me

Just wanted to write on here and say how wonderful Becky is!!!

When I came to see you you opened my eyes to so much. Your professional and unbelievably talented but your warmth and ability to make someone at ease at their lowest is just the icing on the cake.

Thank you for all the hours you put into helping me. I’d highly recommend this beautiful lady. Thank you Becky xxx

Wendy Thompsett

Put your trust in Becky to help you with your lost pet

I cannot praise Becky enough for helping me when my cat went missing and I feared I would never see him again. Becky gave me hope and said my cat would return, and even predicted when this would be. She also zoned in on the road in my neighbourhood where she felt he was, and told me she was guiding him home. I was amazed when my cat returned at the precise time Becky foretold. She is truly gifted, and if you have a lost pet do not hesitate to contact Becky as you can be confident that she will help you.

Mary Sheehan

Caring insights, counselling and connection

I felt very at ease in our discussion of my cats with Becky. She definitely tuned in to their personalities and key issues. Her sense of Missy’s history, especially, helped me to better understand Missy’s challenges and conflicts. She also counselled with a variety of suggestions that hadn’t occurred to me. When our time was up, she felt the need to share even more insights and ideas, ignoring the clock…. All of this with an underlying sense of caring.

I highly recommend Becky Willoughby.

Maria Hind


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