The first time I reached out to Becky she put me immediately at ease. I had just moved into a new home and my sweet indoor kitty had been missing for days. I had searched high and low without any luck and was feeling quite desperate when I found Becky through an internet search. She lives an ocean away but I was willing to try anything so I gave her a call. When we spoke she was incredibly calming and supportive. She said she would try briefly connecting with him that evening before beginning a more thorough connection the next day and lo and behold he returned that night! He was quite emaciated and dehydrated and Becky stayed connected for the next week or two, supporting him through multiple vet visits and making sure he healed completely. Her energy work was incredibly effective – my kitty would instantly relax and begin purring whenever she reached out.

Becky is absolutely remarkable at what she does and I’m infinitely grateful for her warmth, kindness, wisdom and skill during a very stressful time. If you have lost a pet, don’t hesitate to reach out as her support is nothing short of a miracle.