Becky Willoughby

Becky Willoughby Over the years Becky has achieved the following accomplishments:

  • Award Winning Hypnotherapist
  • Published Author
  • World Renowned Animal Communicator
  • Psychic/Intuitive.

She has featured in many global newspaper/ magazine articles and TV for finding lost pets.

Her precision is extraordinary when locating lost pets, she has been known to give actual street names, House numbers, how many miles away the pet is, describing the location of the pet with precise detail remotely from her home .

Becky offers a lost pet service and Photo Readings from living pets and ones that have passed away, including Horse Communication in person or online.

Becky has over 25 years experience in Therapy, Energy, extra sensory & Higher sensory perception sensory Perception.

She is certified, qualified and trained in many different Therapies & techniques including:

  • Rapid Pain Elimination for Physical and Emotional Pain
  • Kinetic Shift
  • EMDR
  • Auricular Acupuncture

to name just a few.

She also assists people who are looking for Guidance in their lives etc.

Whilst running a busy Hypnotherapy practice based in Devon assisting clients with Anxiety, Emotional & Physical Pain, addictions to name just a few.


Here are some photos of my Therapy Room, Where all the positive Changes Take place

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Becky has appeared worldwide in the media, here are a few links to stories of her work

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A woman in Devon, England, is breathing easier now that her missing pet skunk is home safe and sound.Sarah Harris, 40, said her beloved skunk, Dottie, disappeared in early July when they were camping. Harris immediately reported the missing animal but had no luck finding Dottie, despite some occasional sightings by other people. click here for more


A Devon psychic who once reunited a pet skunk to its owner is now helping to find lost pets all over the world.In August 2017, hypnotherapist and psychic Becky Willoughby reunited Dottie the skunk with her owner Sarah Harris by using what she calls ‘intuitive energy’. Read More

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