My 19 year old cat has been missing for almost a week. Sympathetic to my distress, my step-daughter offered Becky’s contact information to me. I believe we all have special gifts, and Becky’s unique skill set helped to reunite me with my pet and save my heart from breaking. I thought she was still on holiday and didn’t expect her to contact me so soon, but before I Knew it I was dropping my grocery bag in the driveway and racing across our busy thoroughfare guided by her directions. I listened very carefully to what she was describing through my pet and all of it made perfect sense. I recognized and was able to follow the landmarks until I crested a set of steps to a patio and came face to face with my missing kitty. Becky’s gift is real and it has changed my life, overnight, from one of devastation to elation. I will be eternally grateful for what she has done for me and my furry friend.